JavaHub Coffee -RED | RD3 - HOUSE BLEND | WHOLEBEAN | 250G

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Who is it for? - The Ambitious, Hopeless 😩 Romantics, The Red Town Painters.
Red… The attention seeking colour. You can’t help but look at it, bulls can’t either. You can paint the town with it, or dress up like a Roman. This is the coffee and the colour for those who like to grab life by the horns, and go for it.

Why pick this one? Well, this is the one we love here at JavaHub. A showcase of milk and dark chocolate beautifully blended to make any chocolate lover quiver. Our Red coffee is blended using the finest Arabica beans from three origins; Kenya, Colombia and Brazil. Your cup is therefore full of coffee beans grown from two of the most popular coffee continents on the planet. This coffee is a medium roast, with a medium acidity and a medium strength. A crowd-pleaser!

Strength: 3/4

This coffee blends coffee beans which you will find used in our single origin coffees across our range, including from our; Yellow (Yl) & Green (Gn) coffee.


11cm x 20cm

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100% Coffee