ERIS by Pip No Added Sugar Hot Chocolate - Dark - 165g Jar

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A powdered hot chocolate drink using the natural sweetener Erythritol rather than sugar to create a delicious hot chocolate that can be enjoyed by anyone who is watching their sugars - whether following a ketogenic diet, or for diabetics monitoring their intake. With no affect on blood-glucose, this can be drunk safely by those who need to know.
And the taste? Erythritol is the closest-tasting alternative to cane sugar around, so you wouldn't even know it wasn't traditional sugar! With a lower chance of gastro-intestinal distress than other alternatives, this is the best alternative to a normal powdered hot chocolate around.

* Hand-made in Wales
* No Gluten or Nuts
* Wholly Plant Based (Vegan-friendly)
* Can be used as an ingredient in cooking
* No Added Sugar
* Contains 12 servings